Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Meaning of the Repeated numbers in date of birth in Numerology

It is very common that in our date of birth some numbers may be repeated.
In numerology, the repeated numbers in date of birth is much considerable.
Let us know the details of the various numbers and their recurrence in the date of birth :

Number One: 

A person with a single one in their chart is unable to express their innermost thoughts. They can have difficulty understanding other people too.

A person with two ones in his chart is able to communicate well. They are able to understand another person's opinion .

A person with Three ones  is a chatter boxes. However, they can also be silent and uncommunicative at times. Oftentimes people with the three ones in their chart are employed in the field of communications.

A person with Four ones  is  unable to express himself yet is sensitive and compassionate, this person  sometimes create misunderstandings. For him it is difficult to relax and is hyper most of the times People with more than five ones are the least likely to be comfortable giving speeches to large audiences. However they make excellent writers, artists or dancers. They have a tendency to overindulge in food and wine and woman.

Number Two: 

This shows how much a person is sensitive and his perceptive side.

A person with one twos is sensitive, but can easily have his feelings hurt. He is fast to recognize the cunning people at first go.

A person with two twos is very bright and intuitive making them good psychic.

A person with three twos is more sensitive and can be a reclusive .

A person with four twos is at times so impatient and finicky that he can be very difficult to handle. He often prefers to be a loner as people find him little weird.

Number Three:

A person with One three has an excellent memory and a clear view of his goals. He is positive and natural born leader.

A person with two three numbers are highly creative and is able to express his feeling very well.

The person with three 3s is highly imaginative, living in his own world and it becomes at times difficult for him to relate with the outside world. He is a compulsive day dreamer .

A person with four 3 numbers may appear paranoid due to their overactive imagination.

Number Four: 

It represents pragmatism, conservativeness, order and stability.

A person with one four in his  chart is very neat and tidy in his appearance and in his surroundings, and is involved in systemic type of work like working on an assembly line, running a ranch, or make great musicians.

With two four numbers in the chart makes them him highly materialistic. He loves to do his work and is very creative and artistic .He makes a great artist.

With three fours in the chart, the person is athletic and hardworking, but mostly his energies are used in the wrong directions.

Those with four four numbers in their chart are good at work especially involving their hands .They are laborious in their efforts and prefer doing jobs which require physical labour.

Number Five: 

It indicates balance and emotional stability and represents freedom .People with this number in their charts need lots of freedom in their relationships or at work. You cannot tie them down.

People with one number five are very caring and well balanced and are constructive in their approach and good at motivating others. They make good leaders.

With two fives in the chart makes them determined and hard working.

With three fives in their chart makes compulsive talkers who do not think before they speak. They generally repent what they say without thinking. They are daring and like to do off beat things and love to travel to weird places.

With four fives in their chart they get prone to accidents or also cause one itself. They become impulsive and do not think before they act.

Number Six :

It indicates relationships and family.

People with one six in their charts are very close to their family and like to maintain pleasant surroundings. They are good advisers and listeners. People usually seek their advice.

With two sixes in the chart makes them creative but also makes them dominating parents who keep on worrying all the time without any serious reason.

With three sixes in the chart makes them very temperamental. They are short tempered and need to control their foul tempers. Their creativity needs to be channelized which makes them great exponents in their chosen fields.

With four sixes in their charts makes them a misfit as a child as they are highly creative and emotional. They like to throw tantrums but if given proper guidance in childhood they become geniuses in their chosen fields.

Number Seven: 

This number indicates lessons learned through loss. People with this number in their charts often learn the ways of life by incurring losses. They are often called the children of destiny.

With one seven in the chart the person shall have a lesson by losing something close to him be it a person or object. This makes them evolved though it is a sad way of learning what life is all about.

With two sevens in their chart makes them interested in the spiritual world and life after death.

With three sevens they lead unfortunate lives surrounded by fraud, deceit and financial losses. But they are able to withstand all of it by their strong inner self.

With four sevens in chart, they have all the problems in this world pertaining to their health, home and finances.

Number Eight: 

It indicates will and action. It shows how well a person can handle the smaller or bigger aspects of his life.

With one eight in the chart, makes the person good with details and are conscientious. They have active minds and love to have variety. They do not like doing routine jobs.

With two eights in the chart makes the person very incisive and conscientious. They are more of doers than listeners. Once they take decisions they stick to it.

With three eights in their charts makes the person very materialistic and greedy. They make excellent businessmen and they want the very best for themselves. They have all the luxuries that money can buy.

With four eights in their chart makes them very restless and constantly in need of change. They either travel a lot or are usually behind the bars.

Number Nine: 

This number represents   humanitarians and people with highest ideals in life.

With one nine in your chart shows you possess enough intelligence to choose between right and wrong .It represents learning on the mental level.

With two nines in the chart makes the person intellectually inclined and also critical of others as they think they are the only ones with higher intelligence .

With three nines in the chart makes them someone who is a giving and idealistic person. They generally like to o exaggerate a situation .

With four nines in the chart makes the person super intelligent and at the same time they live in their own world or are labelled as loners. If their energies and intelligence is channelized properly they are capable to produce positive result in our society and make wonderful leaders.